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Nia Malika Dixon is featured in the short Documentary, The First American Muslims – Black Muslims, by TRT World Media, aired January 4, 2020.

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Nia Malika Dixon is an award winning filmmaker on a mission to amplify diverse stories from underrepresented communities authentically in Hollywood, especially the voices of Black Muslim women. With over 15 years in the film industry, the Baltimore native hones her craft as the founder of Audaz Entertainment, where she writes, directs and produces content for television, film and digital platforms, specifically highlighting stories representing Black Muslim women and girls.

In conjunction with Audaz Entertainment, Nia founded the #BlackMuslimGirlFly empowerment brand and the BMGFly Film Festival, an annual festival that not only provides platform for Black and Muslim film and episodic projects led by women, but also highlights their accomplishments with the Dixon-Harmon Trailblazer Award. The festival includes an international showing of all projects selected, live musical performances, and informational panels featuring filmmakers, executives, and social change makers.

Under Audaz Entertainment, Dixon has released several projects of her own, including short films Shattered Lenses, #BlackMuslimGirlFly: A Butterfly Amidst Iniquity, and Temporary Loss of Power. Dixon creates work to cultivate deeper cultural understanding and connections in our local and global communities.

Most recently, Dixon produced the comedy feature Love Supreme: Anatomy of Gratitude, and won the Feature Audience Award at the 2020 Global Muslim Film Festival, and her writing on Powderkeg’s “East of La Brea,” which she helped to create, won Best Original Web Series at UrbanWorld Film Festival 2020. Audaz Entertainment is preparing to launch the preproduction crowdfunding campaign for “The Trap,” a crime drama about a Black Muslim woman in Baltimore who becomes a drug kingpin.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Nia has been a writer since the day her mother first put a pencil in her hand. Although writing has always been Nia’s passion, her mother’s emphasis on education led Nia to become an elementary school teacher. She has taught children for more than twenty years and raised her own two children along the way. However, Nia’s passion for storytelling cannot be quenched.

After years of writing for national magazines, completing two anthologies of poetry, writing children’s stories, drafting a novel, writing short stories, short films, and completing two feature film scripts, Nia made the bold move to Los Angeles in 2005, to pursue the dream of reaching global audiences with her writing.

Nia Malika Dixon speaks at her alma mater, Western Senior High School, the oldest all-female high school in the United States.
Nia Malika Dixon speaks at her alma mater, Western Senior High School, the oldest all-female high school in the United States.

Created in 2006, the short film Temporary Loss of Power, which explores the human dynamic of gender, race, and power, was her first foray into filmmaking. Then, in 2007 Nia worked on a short sci-fi film, called F*ck you, Pay Me, with indie writer-director Chris Derrick. Since then, Nia has been writing, and planning projects for her own independent production company, Audaz Entertainment.

In 2008, Nia received a surprise birthday present in the announcement of her being matched with her requested mentor, Catherine Hardwicke through the Women In Film Mentor Program. Since Ms. Hardwicke’s film Thirteen, Nia has been following Catherine as a source of inspiration for her own filmmaking career.

Under the banner of Audaz Entertainment, in April 2009, Nia hosted the 1st Annual Muslim Artists Expo in Baltimore, MD to feature the work of graphic artists, photographers, spoken word artists, and musicians. In the same month, Nia’s script, Chrysalis, a feature-length, crime drama, was selected as a Quarter-Finalist in the 13th Annual Fade In Awards. It received high marks for the premise, structure, characterization, dialogue, and overall storytelling.

That same year, Nia also worked as Associate Producer on the indie documentary, Deen Tight, a film that explores the world of Hip-Hop and Islam. Nia is currently shooting a documentary in both L.A. and her hometown, Baltimore, Maryland. Not Your Average tells the story of her venture into filmmaking as an African-American, Muslim Woman.

Nia Malika Dixon

On June 12, 2009, Nia was recognized for her participation in the Women In Film Mentor Program at the 2009 Crystal + Lucy Awards held the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel. Catherine Hardwicke, Nia’s mentor, was honored with the Dorothy Arzner Director’s Award, along with many other women recognized that evening including Jodie Foster, Holly Hunter, and Elizabeth Banks. To read more about Nia’s experience at the 2009 Crystal + Lucy Awards, and to see photos, visit her blog: http://www.thetelevisedrevolution.blogspot.com/  Nia was also featured in The Hollywood Reporter on June 12, 2009, in the article, “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.”

On Christmas Eve 2009, Nia wrapped principal photography on her latest short film, City In The Sea. Shot on location in Venice, CA, the film explores the plight of a homeless man and his struggle with tragedy and relationships. See more at: https://www.facebook.com/CityIntheSeaMovie

Nia was a finalist for the AFI 2010 Directors Workshop for Women and was preparing to shoot her next short film, Chrysalis, in the fall of 2010. Nia worked with her mentor, Catherine Hardwicke, whose film The Girl with the Red Riding Hood received the green light from Warner Brothers and began shooting July 2010. Catherine Hardwicke and Nia were interviewed for KCET, in February 2010 to reflect upon the Oscar nominations of Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director and Best Picture. To watch the interview, visit http://kcet.org/socal/2010/02/celluloid-ceiling-women-directors.html.

In 2012, Chrysalis won several awards, including Best Urban Web Series. You can see the trailer and subscribe to watch at the official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheTrapSeries

Created in 2015, Nia’s latest original series, Vengeful, is based on the short film of the same name, and tells the story of a beautiful, yet tortured LAPD homicide detective who secretly hunts a woman she believes killed her own twin sister. Watch the trailer here:

Nia is currently in post-production of her original series, Vengeful, the first police detective series led by a Black woman, since 1974’s Get Christie Love. Nia is also the mother of two college students with special needs, including her son with Autism.
Embracing the storytelling passion and filmmaking vision of Nia Malika Dixon, the partners and executive staff of Audaz Entertainment have come together for the distinct purpose of creating quality, compelling, diverse & inclusive, motion pictures for worldwide exhibition.

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