Shame the Devil

Shame the Devil

Fear will eat you alive inside

And the Devil will make a fool of you.

That voice inside that always seems

To convince you that it’s not worth it,

You won’t make it,

You’re not worth it,


It hides inside you

In the deepest, darkest folds

Of your need to be

More than,

Bigger than,



You long for a purpose greater

Than that which those who fear

Your greatness will have you


Is all you are destined to



They listened to that voice within,

And gave in,


“Why should you be any different?”

“What makes you so special?”


“Who do you think you are, anyway?”

But, don’t take it personally.

Fear is a cancer

Converting dreams into bitterness

And devouring desires with a stealth

And ease, so virulent a disease

That most don’t know they’re infected.

Until it’s too late.

And hearts are hardened.

And anger consumes.

And hearts blacken

With scars from wounds

Healed over and over.

And fear has weakened you

So much so that

A voice takes root in the very corners

Of your thoughts,

Hidden places of your mind,

The deepest folds of your heart,

And whispers that

It’s not worth it,

You won’t make it,

You’re not worth it.


The Devil has made a fool of you.

Shame the Devil

Tell the TRUTH.

The truth is you ARE special.

You WILL be different.

Because, you know

It IS worth it.

YOU will make it.

You are WORTH it.

You refuse to allow fear to eat you alive inside.

You will not be made the fool.

Shame the Devil,

Tell the TRUTH.



2 Replies to “Shame the Devil”

  1. just clicking around and came across this. two things: one, I love the message, and two I enjoyed reading this. wonderful poem.

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