Ocean Green Turquoise Blue

Ocean Green Turquoise Blue

Waves tumble and crash like

my dreams and hopes

on sand bars out too far

beyond where I dare to

surf and fall head first

tumble and crash into

the far reaches of the horizon


like my potential

I contemplate journeys

and maritime sea-faring

adventures that may

lead me to you

to me

to something I can smell

and feel and taste in the

air like the ocean

spray licking at my


Yet, I have no words for

it and

it holds a meaning not

Yet defined.

Up ahead are the cloud

covered mountains that

hold the secrets to my

desires that I no longer


I need them.

To discover my worth on

this stormy journey to

a summit jeweled

like the greenery of an enchanted forest

Icy with frosted snow

caps that cool the

raging fire of doubt

in my heart

in my soul

As it travels unencumbered

over the Ocean Green Turquoise


Toward God.


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