The sweet, syrupy stickiness

Of you lingers in my

Salt-water taffy heart

That you twist and pull

Away from.

Toward me you look

With eyes wide as if I were thick, rich

Chocolate cake.

I’m bitter.

I will not melt in your mouth.

Swallow me whole

Or have none at all.

I remember when the idea of you was fresh

On my mind and I

Knew you were brand new.

But, thoughts of you have

Grown stale with me.

And, I wonder what you

Might have done to speed

Up the expiration date.

Or was it me?

Did I hasten toward you

Unfurled and wide open

Too fast

So that you were unprepared

For how easily you welcomed me?

Did I overstep my bounds

Of what is expected and

Startle your resolve off

Of its high horse?


It was you and your

Lime green eyes that invited

Me in like a tall, cool

Drink of remembrance.

Reminiscent of hot summer

Days cooled by thunderstorms

And the smell of fresh

Rain in the breeze.

You quenched my thirst for

Myself that I had long

Since forgotten.

Your smile like peppermints

Given to me wrapped in kind

Words, sit perched upon

Your face waiting to kiss.

I look away.

I don’t want to steal

Kisses that should be mine.

You and I both know

A secret that you will

Never tell.

You are sweet.

Frosted cherries atop

Soda fountain drinks

spilling over.

Sweet, syrupy stickiness

That lingers long after the drink

Is gone.

The thirst has not been quenched.


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