To Be a Female Filmmaker

Setting up a shot with my cinematographer, Antar Hanif, on the set of City In the Sea.

It takes balls to make it in this industry. No, really. It’s a man’s world. I tried to find an an African-American Woman who is an established, independent filmmaker; someone I could emulate. If anyone knows of any, please email me and let me know. ( I found NONE. (Check out this list of Top Ten that The Script Lab put together: UPDATE: I discovered the writer-director Tina Mabry, through Film Independent, and her film Mississippi Damned! Check out her film’s website here:

Thank God I don’t give a f*@k. I arrived in Los Angeles over five years ago and started making films, and I was promptly shown the glass ceiling. And, people have been actively or passively sabotaging my efforts ever since. But, no matter how difficult this is, I’m determined to establish consistency, longevity, and relevancy in my creative endeavors.

I am inspired by another female artist working toward a similar goal in the music industry, Janelle Monae. “I’m trying to find my peace. I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me. And it hurts my heart. Lord have mercy, ain’t it plain to see? This is a cold war. You better know what you’re fighting for. This is a cold war. Do you know what you’re fighting for?” ~”Cold War”, The ArchAndroid


3 Replies to “To Be a Female Filmmaker”

  1. Salaams Nia!!

    I am loving this blog.. I dont read too many of them but today I checked out yours. I am praying for your success my beloved sister! Your success is my success, my success is our success! Success = in this life & the next!
    Just let me know how I might be able to assit you.

    * Please dont forget about a sister and her book… *wink* Saving Our Selves ~ A Message to My Brothers with Love ❤

    1. Thank you so much. Come back, read often, and share with others. 🙂 It means a lot to me that you are praying for me. Prayers are the most precious gift. Stay in touch! *Send me the info about your book.

  2. Peace Nia!

    I am so glad that DJ Dean tweeted a link to Chrysalis so that I could find it and you! You are an inspiration!! I have self-published three books, but am currently working on a short film entitled “I just found out I was Black.” Any words of advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I wish you nothing but continued success, and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know! You are truly a blessing! Much love!

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