Fill the Cracks

I broke my own heart.

I trace the cracks in the adobe with my hand

I draw the line

Pink, dusty

Rose and gold dusk

A jagged line across the sky

I wish it would open up and I will far fling

my soul

I want to draw the ache across my heart

A tattoo of stories

Pages of those things I wish I didn’t


Like unopened boxes of


And tenderness

Tendrils of ribbon

Delicately wrapped

But my handstitched heart knows no finery

Gilded givings


I take it in my hands

They know not how to repair years long


I broke my heart so long ago

It needs mending



The mud bricks need rain and sun

The right hands to show

The right amount of strength will


Help fill the cracks

With my own hands

And help me pick diamonds from the night


As my

Night lights.


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