Chrysalis the Web Series gets Rave Reviews

Fans of Chrysalis have been posting their reviews on our official Facebook Page and our YouTube channel. Here are a few of them. After you read them, watch the series and leave your own review! Thanks for watching!

“So very close to my real life story …yes it was painful. And well depicted in such short bits, I was in awe of this story unfolding so intensively, with depth into the characters in such brief episodes. I would say more… If you contacted me privately. I must commend you on portraying the conflicts in the three lives we have pulling most of us in different directions religion, family and society. Thank you for sharing your talent in this most insightful episodically film.”
~Vicki Acquah

“I watched all three episodes and I’m loving it , I’m hooked . Everyone is doing a great job.This is so real things I can really relate to being a B’more native. I LOVE IT!”
~Farhrda Wajid

“You’ve introduced a whole world of characters very quickly and efficiently. There is this giant web of relationships–so many different people connected in many complex ways. We have never seen Muslims and especially Blackamerican Muslims like this before. Not just one or two token or magical negroes but a whole community. And community that we are judging on its own–not comparing it to the white majority. I almost felt like I was reading the beginning of a Faulkner novel where he takes us inside some tiny American town where in a small population you get scores of interlocking relationships. This was good, natural, not forced or overwritten. I am excited to see, like in a Toni Morrison novel, what happens when white people or others from the larger society get introduced into the mix, how it shakes things up. Great stuff, all around. 

Did I also say how I LOVE THE FEMALE CHARACTERS. You get ghetto-blasting hoodrats, shy good girls, and wise matriarchs–and every woman is human, complex and not just a stereotype.”

~Khaliff Watkins

“I am enjoying this show more and more. I now look forward to monday to see each new episode. I know it a web series but I wish the episodes were longer. Besides that I have no complaints. As a muslim who grew up in the inner city I can relate to his struggle between the two worlds. What is crazy is right before episode 3 I was saying to myself how much i appreciate his sister and he needs that kind of support. Then episode 3 happens and just ruins my day haha. Keep up great work!”
~Mohammad Ramadan

“Can somebody say, “Shots fired! Shots fired!” I’m loving this series, however, y’all making it hard for a sister to wait for the next one. I literally was waiting at the edge of my seat because it was so gripping. Great job!”
~Shaynne Denise Witherspoon

“This was very good high quality work, Best thing I’ve seen in the city in a while!”
~Rome Cee

“Episode 2 left on an epic cliffhanger. Episode 3 is not to be missed. Also, by adding the twist that Jamal’s brother is an ex ‘gangster’ it hooks the audience even further into the film. The soundtracks are getting better and better every episode. Can’t wait ’till the next episode. Well done.”

~Hamza Azam

Episode 3: “I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.” – Sandra Bullock  “It is very sad to see Jamal’s actions from the last episode come back to haunt him, but in a world of drugs, it was bound to happen. (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. What, are you living under a rock? Go check it out.) This has left Jamal between a rock and a hard place. He could either do what he did last episode and just shoot his enemies or he could embrace his Islamic faith and change his life for the better. In my opinion, Jamals’ character has already developed hugely and I think he is becoming more and more dissastisfied with the drug game. The next episode will either be the making or the downfall of this series. The director and the writer(s) have done a brilliant job so far. It’s what happens next that counts. Ladies and gentlemen, the chrysalis has opened and it is beautiful.”
~Hamza Azam


2 Replies to “Chrysalis the Web Series gets Rave Reviews”

  1. wow great job this is something I wouldn’t mind watching every day coming home from work around 5 and tuning in to the Chrysalis…No but seriously I was on the edge of my seat, eyes glued to the computer screen. Great Job!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot! Our goal is to get investors to put money into our budgets to do just that, Jeron. Be sure to “Like” the FB page for Chrysalis and show your support! When audiences demand quality shows, investors would be foolish not to answer!

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