The WHY Behind Vengeful

I’ve been very busy. Actually, too busy. I had to cleave a few projects from the herd. The biggest member of the remaining herd is the web series I’ve created, called Vengeful. (Click here to watch the trailer on our site:

The inspiration for the web series, Vengeful The Short Film can be seen exclusively on Nia Malika Dixon’s Channel. Subscribe for FREE and watch here:
Click to visit the Vengeful Tumblr and access to exclusive content.
We launched our crowdfunding campaign through on June 1st, and to get the word out about the campaign, we started a #Thunderclap. (It’s a collection of shares sent simultaneously, and the more shares the more people know about the campaign. We needed 100 shares. We reached our goal, so over 100,000 shares of our Patreon page went out over social media! View our #Thunderclap here:
For the fundraiser, I decided to sit down and distill the overarching WHY for the campaign. Because, if someone asks me to support their cause, I would want to know why they have taken up the cause in the first place.  So, I sat down and wrote my WHY:
I’m a storyteller. I’m a huge fan of stories and storytellers. Stephen King is one of my favorites. And, like him, I make stuff up for a living. Here’s why: Like Stephen King once said, “Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”
I believe that storytelling is how we evolve. Through stories we learn, we empathize, and we experience a catharsis that enables us to approach life with a refreshed perspective. We get to the heart of who we are, and we enjoy the ride.
That’s why I create the stories I create: to tell the truth, to get to the heart of who we are and have fun while we’re at it. People love watching movies and television shows. We see something of ourselves in the stories, and we uncover some truths while having fun on the journey.
Cut to: Vengeful.
Some of the stories on network and cable television are entertaining, but most of them are missing some truths. One of the biggest truths missing is that Black women exist in the world as major positive contributors to society; along with being beautiful, smart, talented, and funny. I love crime dramas, and Vengeful brings to life much of what we love about crime dramas, plus a beautiful truth: a Black woman is at the heart of it all.
So, fund a project that will break stereotypes, entertain, and tell some beautiful truths inside the fiction. We will enjoy the ride together.

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