A Story Of You

A Story Of You

(Short Film, Romantic Drama)

A Story Of You poster

A loving couple makes a series of relationship choices that may lead to their undoing, as Facebook threatens to tear them apart.
Adam is an old-fashioned, writer. Nicola is a social media butterfly, and a passionate painter. Together, they’ve made a loving relationship flourish. Recently, however, Nicola has been increasingly distant. She’s been sucked into life online, especially Facebook. Adam has refused to bother with Facebook, or any other social media. Until, one day Adam decides that he’s frustrated with Nicola’s behavior. She barely even noticed the romantic pancake breakfast he made for her, and she didn’t even look up from her phone when she left for work.
John, Adam’s popular co-worker, insists on setting up a fake Facebook profile for him. Once he’s online as Jason, he decides to woo his wife. But, ultimately he’s still a stranger wooing Nicola, and she becomes intrigued. Instead of telling each other the truth, the couple goes through a dance of deception that ultimately ends with a final choice to be made. Will Adam and Nicola tell each other the truth and heal their relationship?

A Story Of You Cast And Crew
A Story Of You Cast And Crew

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