Breaking the Girl

Breaking The Girl 5


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Breaking The Girl 4

Breaking the Girl

by Nia Malika Dixon

In a field dominated by men, overachieving, beautiful, and forthright homicide detective Cory Pritchard catches killers in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

She and her charismatic partner of five years, Brady MacCabe, are known for closing cases. There is no case they can’t solve. Until now. A series of brutal murders crops up and the killer skillfully eludes Pritchard and MacCabe, leaving no clues behind.

A slum lord and a strip club manager are the first two victims of what the killer calls “Reckoning.”  Each murder weapon is labeled with the word reckoning, and left at the crime scenes, taunting detectives with no trace evidence.

Along with this, Cory’s ex-husband, former fellow police officer, Phillip Wolfe, won’t let her be.  His behavior bordering on stalking, he’s determined to make her life miserable since she left him. Her too-perfect-to-be-true boyfriend, actor Eric Taylor, has a few skeletons in his closet that are slowly coming to light as the investigation continues, and puts a strain on their relationship.

Soon the killer engages Cory in a game of cat and mouse, following her, leaving notes in her home, and even invading her dreams. As the body count piles up, it becomes apparent that the killer is on a mission to punish those “deserving” retribution, and may very well be someone closer to Cory than she realizes.

Haunted by the unsolved murder of her mother twenty-five years ago, Cory Pritchard is hell bent on solving this case. And, with the anniversary of her mother’s death fast approaching; Cory tries to mend the strained relationship she has with her widower father, best-selling novelist and Professor Emeritus at UCLA, Adam Pritchard.

Cory works diligently with Brady to solve the Reckoning Murders, while unofficially investigating her mother’s death, battling sexism at the precinct, and navigating the fragile relationships with the men in her life.

Can Cory catch the killer before it’s too late? Or will she go insane trying to catch someone who will not be caught?


12 Replies to “Breaking the Girl”

  1. Hey Cousin,
    I love your writings. I used to write and for some reason the words just don’t come to me anymore. You are an inspiration. My son writes now and he has written the story line and characters for a new game that will be coming out on FaceBOok this month called “Clash of the Heroes”.

  2. Hey Cousin, do you write novels and than turn them into movies, or do you all ready have in mind of a movie when you write? Or perhaps none become movies, just curious. My son(14) likes to write as well. And cousin Latonya’s daughter is writing a novel as well. Kids love fiction. I think she is on like 250 or something on her book. I guess our family loves to write(smile).

    My writing is more like thoughts, and ideas. Not stories, or how to’s. I have no idea what my niche is, still trying to figure it out.

    1. Dear Aisha,

      Most of the stories I write start as a spark of an idea. If I think it’s a story that would make a great movie, then I write it as a screenplay. The novel Breaking the Girl started as a screenplay, but I thought it would make a better novel. With writing, the only advice I can give is that writers write. Keep writing! 🙂

  3. Nia…I can’t wait to read your novel. Where will your preview be, California?


  4. It only took a few sentences to engage me as a reader. I was hooked. Short powerful sentences. Excellent use of language to draw reader immediately into Cory’s situation. I see a movie in the making! Keep on keepin on!

    1. Dear Patty, I’m so glad the story has you hooked! Cory is a character I’m sure you will enjoy following on this journey. Come back Saturday for your free preview! And, spread the word! 🙂

  5. Hi, Im your cousin Andre’s wife Irene and I don’t think we met yet but I just wanted to find out how I could purchase the whole book? I love this type of book and would like to purchase it can you please let me know? Thanks and Keep up the good work.

  6. Dear Irene,

    Thanks a million for your support! I hope you enjoyed the FREE PREVIEW. Breaking the Girl will be serialized so that each week readers can upload a chapter, discuss the story on the fan page, and have a chance to give their feedback. I decided to publish the novel this way to allow readers to interact with the story in a refreshing way. Also, it invites readers to interact with the writer, me. :-)Visit the Facebook Fan Page ( for more exclusives throughout the week, and download the next chapter today! Thanks again!

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