On the set of “City In The Sea” in Venice Beach, CA. My cinematographer, Antar Hanif, has an amazing eye and is very skilled at getting the perfect shots.

Making the film, City In the Sea was an all-intensive, on-the-job-training experience. This is the second short film I’ve written and directed. I also did a lot of producing on this short, even though we had a producer. All in all, it was a successful and rewarding experience. I learned a lot of what NOT to do in filmmaking.


Series Creator, Nia Malika Dixon on the set of Chrysalis Series.


Nia Malika Dixon on the set of Vengeful: “Pilot”

cropped-2015-08-21-14-35-17.png2015-08-19 11.43.33


*Shattered Lenses

*Love Supreme: An Anatomy of Gratitude

*A Story of You

*The Muslim Women Series

*Vengeful Series


*Shadow Aspect

*City In the Sea

*The Trap Series

*Temporary Loss of Power

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