“Love Supreme: An Anatomy of Gratitude” Comedy Special


Preacher Moss Love Supreme

Produced by Nia Malika Dixon

Inspired by the masterpiece of great jazz musician John Coltrane — “A Love Supreme” — Preacher Moss hopes to enlist the “intellectually-engaged and spiritually-available” to think beyond the headlines in discussing race, religion, politics, and gender through a new POV — that is, point of view. A point of view that stimulates the mind, stirs the soul and awakens the spirit. He feels that difficult times call for gratitude and grace in harnessing the ability to laugh while going through life’s obstacles.

Mentored by the late civil activist and comedian Dick Gregory, Preacher Moss uses his brand of comedy to poke fun at bigotry and racism, and offer social commentary on race relations in America. Through comedy, he has found the perfect way to fuse his intellect and knowledge with a gift to provoke and educate audiences while eliciting side-splitting laughter.

As a stand-up comic, Preacher Moss’ career spans more than two decades, and he’s worked as a writer for such Hollywood comic heavyweights as Damon Wayans and George Lopez as well as Darrell Hammond on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” – just to name a few.  He also appears in the 2013 documentary, “The Muslims Are Coming,” co-directed and co-starring Negin Farsid and Dean Obeidallah, which follows the comedians touring various parts of the country, engaging audiences to combat Islamophobia and change negative perceptions of Muslims in America.

Plus, he’s not one to shy away from bringing his faith into the comedic mix. He routinely shares his experiences of being a black man and Muslim in an effort to address the hot topics of race and religion. With Trump’s politically-incorrect rhetoric sweeping the nation, Preacher Moss offers uncompromising honesty and funny insights of being a Muslim convert for more than 30 years in an effort to fight the anti-Muslim sentiment festering across the country. His message is simple: Just say no to Islamophobia.

“Understanding diversity and multi-culturalism requires that we eliminate or reduce the anxiety of our ignorance and how to speak honestly when we can’t,” said Preacher Moss.

Love Supreme Live Show-12


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