The Brave Ones Choose Love

imageThe Brave Ones Choose Love Over Fear
December 14, 2015

We are alive in amazing times right now; humanity is on the verge of something greater. Yet, there is so much fear and hurt holding us back. We have to choose love, instead of fear. We have to be willing to open ourselves up to one another honestly, and be accepting of our flawed selves as we are; pushing past the fear of the unknown.

I believe that until we decide to acknowledge our fears and bravely live out our experiences with honest, open hearts, our lives can become a form of experiential hibernation; where we observe and learn safely tucked inside ourselves, only interacting with each other from a so-called, safe and secure place. Often this detached place serves as a comfort and protection, from fear of hurt and rejection, but it’s a lonely and empty place. It’s the place where resentment and contempt is born.

Rejection, hurt, suffering are all part of learning and living; and to deny yourself these feelings is to remain in your hibernation, not fully alive. These are the experiences that teach us how best to interact with one another, and that can teach us humility, forgiveness, and compassion. Our souls hunger for a life rich with experiences; and our fear will ultimately kill us, starving us while we imprison ourselves within those hibernation walls. Ask yourself, “Am I really living, or am I hiding from life, afraid to feel the downs along with the ups?” There will be hardships and difficulty. Live and love, anyway. Acknowledge your fear and push past it; so that you, your SOUL, may thrive.

We disrupt our own selves when we give in to fear. At our core, our true essence is love. Love is very powerful, and it requires vulnerability. When we are vulnerable, it allows us to be our most powerful, yet our fears drain us of that power. When we operate from a space of insecurity, we create our own cocoon of fear. Fear is crippling and reminds us how much it hurts when someone rejects us in our vulnerable state. Fear reminds us of those times when we put our whole selves into an endeavor and it fails.

Yet, the brave ones love anyway. Bravery is to live wholeheartedly, knowing the risks of rejection, hurt, failure; knowing it will hurt sometimes, and along with the happy moments accepting the mistakes and frustration. The brave ones live and love through both the good times and the bad times, and they are the most powerful of us all.


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