The Power Of Storytelling

The Power Of Storytelling
The Power Of Storytelling
I am a purpose driven woman. Perhaps it’s because of my name, my mother so wisely chose for me. Or, maybe it’s my desire to live up to the title. I often reflect on the why of everything I do in life. From childhood, I’ve naturally expressed my reflections, fearlessly, for everyone I thought would benefit. I told stories. Not lies, stories. Fabulously detailed, rich with imagery and emotion, recounts of experiences and ideas based upon my own observations and reflections. Since I was in my training pants. It’s my gift.
Stories connect people. When you tell a friend how you felt when something great (or something devastating) happens to you, they share in your experience and empathize. They see themselves in your experience, and understand how you may feel. There is a bonding in that sharing. You both learn valuable things from it, and from each other, as well as draw closer to each other in your relationship.
Stories also establish a public narrative. They are powerful. Society conforms to the public narrative created. This is why entertainment, media, and journalism are the most powerful careers in the current age. The masses are ruled by information. And, that information influences so many different lives in so many different ways.
You can read a story to experience another perspective, one that you would never have otherwise had the chance of experiencing. For example, a poor young, white teenaged girl from Alabama can understand the experiences and feelings of a wealthy 50-something, full-figured black woman from New York, by reading a book and following the journey where she is the main character. The teenager lives vicariously through the older woman, by experiencing her story while reading.
Storytelling enables small populations of people to affect a larger group, and vice versa. The more diverse the populations the better. Diversity breeds evolution. When we learn from our differences, we evolve to a higher level of understanding and interaction. That’s the power of storytelling.
This is why I write. I write essays, and novels, and screenplays, and poems, and television shows, and films. I write to share stories, to connect with people. I write to connect people, and to help make our world a better place.
So, share your stories with each other. Talk about your experiences, with your friends. Expand your circle, and interact with people different from you. The stories you share with each other will elevate you, and the impact will enrich our society.

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