The Muslim Women Series

Hey, Muslim Women!

You and your personal story could become a part of the latest, ground-breaking project from award-winning, Independent Producer, Nia Malika Dixon.

“Wherever you live, whatever your story may be, I’d like to hear it. Your voice should be heard.” ~Nia Malika Dixon

✨Tired of the same narrative portrayed in media and entertainment? Then, join me in telling the diverse stories of Muslim women all over the world!✨ Are you a chef? A neuroscientist? An artist? A doctor? A stunt woman?

Are you a soccer mom in Portalnd?

Do you live in Shreveport and love football?

Design clothes by day, and Netflix and chill with your husband by night, in Sydney?

Attend college in Boston, and hang out in dive bars with your BFF on Friday night?

Born and raised in Kauai and live for killer waves to crush, every morning at dawn patrol?

Whatever your story may be, you deserve a voice. Send Nia a private message, and tell her why the world needs to hear your story. Only ten women will be selected! You could be one of the Muslim Women chosen to star in our latest project, “The Muslim Women,” coming in 2016.

As diverse as we are as Human Beings, I especially admire our diversity as Muslim women. All over the world, Muslim women live in different cultures, different geographic areas, different communities that practice different customs, and carry different social traditions. Our singular faith connects us to so many different lifestyles and attitudes, all potential friends. I believe the world will be a lovelier place when we as Human Beings, connect with each other, through stories of our diversity, and develop admiration for one another. -Nia Malika Dixon

✨Email Nia and tell her why your story is perfect to be featured in the upcoming series, “The Muslim Women”:

What is the most amazing thing about your life story? (Other than of your Shahada.) Stories uplift us, change us, make us feel and think differently after hearing them. What specifically about your life will do that for the world, after we hear your story? Tell us in your email. Email to:

*This is what you get when you Google “Muslim women,” but of all the millions of Muslimahs all over the world, most of us probably don’t act like, look like, or dress like this:


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