Vengeful, The Original Series

In L.A., brilliant homicide detective Lia Anderson has a tortured past, and toes the line between justice and revenge while she investigates the murder of a local teen, alongside partner Detective Harrison Torino, while secretly hunting her own twin’s killer.

Vengeful Series

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Filmmaking in Fresno!

August 26, 2015
8:00 am

With a very, very humble budget, and everyone working without any thought of financial compensation, a band of angels and I created something special. With the assistance of 1st AD Marisol, 2nd AD Karen, Costume Designer Trina and her gang, Script Supervisor Destiny, Production Manager Kristian, Associate Producer David, Make Up Dept. Head Lisa and her team, DP Orlando and his crew, including phenomenal AC Lisa, my team of talented actors, the PAs, the extras, background, locations, and countless others behind the scenes, including Production Consultant Rhonda, I was blessed to watch magic happen on my set in Fresno, CA this year.

Check out some of the photos from set, and check back here for future updates. We’re shooting again in Fresno, Labor Day weekend. AND, stay tuned for the upcoming, NEW trailer for Vengeful!


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Seed And Spark Campaign Launches!

We’re #Crowdfunding our budget of $50,000 to shoot the pilot episode of Vengeful. The first wave of the campaign will end on July 2, 2015. Contribute to help us get the GREEN LIGHT:

BRALL_website_POSTER small

Our series follows our lead, Detective Lia Anderson, as she investigates the mysterious death of high school student, Danielle Blackstone. The pilot starts off season one with the Blackstone case, and by the end of the season, Lia and Harrison will have caught Danielle’s killer. (*And, perhaps Lia will have enough evidence to finally bring her twin’s killer to justice.)

You can be a part of history and fund the pilot for the first one-hour drama police detective series led by a Black woman since 1974. Share in the creative process and help create the show you want to see, that tells a compelling story you want to see.


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