The Tao Of Nia: The Way of Purpose


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Sometimes we think we’ve got it all under control. We plan out our lives and put in the work, but it doesn’t pan out the way we expect it or want it. That doesn’t mean we’ve failed. Life is a process, a series of events and lessons. Be patient with your process, and learn from (and enjoy) the ups and downs of your journey. Here are some principles to help guide you along the way:
  1. Principle One: Reflect upon your life, the world, and your place in it to attain mastery of self.
  2.  Principle Two: Contentment comes from conceding to a higher power.
  3. Principle Three: Nurture your spirituality to achieve self-fulfillment; the completeness and the strength of your spirituality are the core of having a sound heart and mind.
  4. Principle Four: Vulnerability is the doorway to understanding self.
  5. Principle Five: Listen and learn from every experience and the people with whom you interact.
  6. Principle Six: No one thing has power over you, except that which you give.
  7. Principle Seven: Live wholeheartedly, honestly, and with the knowledge that you are enough.
  8. Principle Eight: Seek not the approval of people.
  9. Principle Nine: No risk, no reward. Embrace fear and recognize its benefit. Change is good.
  10. Principle Ten: Adapt or die.
  11. Principle Eleven: Cherish your blessings, great and small.
  12. Principle Twelve: Remember this life is temporary, and we will all find our death.

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